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The Hidden Dangers Of Grain Storage Bins. Could It Happen In Ohio?

Take a drive through the rural parts of Ohio and take a look around. Do you see the long rows of never ending corn, waving romantically back and forth in the wind? Do you picture yourself in a nostalgic Americana ad campaign where life was simple? Farming jobs are underrated and indispensable to the well being of our country.

Farm life is often portrayed as ‘simple living’ or ‘the good ol’ days’, even though it is anything but.

Farming is hard back-breaking and sometimes dangerous work.

The massive grain storage bins in ohio have unfortunately been death traps in the past.

The deaths have occurred when a worker is engulfed in the grain and is unable to get out of it, suffocating to death.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a lengthy explanation of the dangers of working in and around these bins. Everyone who is considering or is already working around and inside these grain storage bins in Ohio should take the time to read the information provided on OSHA website.

Understanding the hidden dangers can be the best tool to prevent untimely deaths. Hopefully by having this knowledge, a little bit of that nostalgic, romantic idea of farm work can remain.


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